PSA: What’s the number one cure for headaches?

I’ve gotten bad headaches since I was a little kid. In fact, I have one right now. For about a decade, I took a medication three times daily that controlled these headaches pretty well, but I could never take any kind of cold medication because it would have a bad interaction. So I frequently had bad, bad colds.

Historically, Tylenol has not helped my headaches that much, and I don’t like to take more medication than I have to since I’m already on so many different things. I have found that if I have a really bad headache, Adult Liquid Tylenol Extra Strength sometimes works and when it does, works wonders in a matter of minutes. It’s hard to find, but CVS pharmacy is currently the place to get it.

There is one product that does work really, really well the vast, vast majority of the time: WellPatch Cooling Migraine Patch. These work so well I order them by the bulk and use one anytime I have even a small headache. The patches last for 8 hours, sometimes longer. These do not have any medication in them. I HIGHLY recommend trying them. I’ve recommended them two or three times just this week to friends who also get bad headaches.

So if you get headaches, please try these out. They are available on Amazon. Sometimes it takes a bit of practice to learn how to put them on such that they are most effective. Once you place the patch on your forehead don’t move it. Occasionally, you can rub the patch a bit and it serves to kind of “reactivate” it. I quickly learned that you get strange looks walking around in public with a big patch on your head, so if you see me with a beanie on, I probably have a headache patch under it. 

If you have any other headache tips, please share them! I’d also be interested to hear what all of you think about these patches. Thanks, as always, for reading. 


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  1. Thanks so much for this tip Andrew. I suffered from migraines quite a bit when younger. I cut out artificial sweeteners which helped, but I now have to deal with heat/exercise induced migraines (and just the “where did that one come from” headaches). I often poor ice water over my head after exercise to try to control them. It’s somewhat helpful. But I’ll be ordering the cooling patches tonight!


  2. Thank you for the advice Andrew. I ordered a small box from Amazon to try them out. My family doesn’t get too many headaches, but my and my daughter and son get nose bleeds when the weather is hot and the air is dry. I’m hoping this will cool us down and stop the nose bleed faster.



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