Creative Writing: Chaos and Confusion

All the chaos and confusion All the chaos and confusion The world turns round The stars come and go The wind blows People walk Cars honk Screams Phone rings Car honks again Sweat rolls down Older man scowls Wind eases thoughts Tented windows filter and disguise Industrialism is taking over Mirror Mirror on the wallContinue reading “Creative Writing: Chaos and Confusion”

Creative Writing: Awake in the middle of the night

Awake in the middle of the night Awake in the middle of the night This mysterious cloud glowing down Wishing there was something to be done So much sickness and no one cares Bullies, monies, and selfies trap us all (You communist.) Such egotism Such ignorance Such sadness It boils down to hopes and fearsContinue reading “Creative Writing: Awake in the middle of the night”

The Myth of the “Small Town”

Individuals and societies tend to construct narratives where small towns are superior to cities. This rhetoric is not new. While definitions in the United States confine “[small] towns” to population centers with less than ten thousand people, the functional, everyday definition is not so clear-cut. Images associated with small towns often conger up notions ofContinue reading “The Myth of the “Small Town””