Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations.  College professors sometimes respond with frustration to these two words. Students have the opportunity to complete an evaluation in all or almost all of their courses each semester. Results from these evaluations do carry significance, especially in institutions with a first devotion to teaching. Results from these are, of course, not without problems. Occasionally,Continue reading “Course Evaluations”

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”: The United States, U.S. Christianity, and Cinema

Beginning with the era of the Civil Rights Revolution in the 1950s and 1960s, the Modern Republican Party founded itself in part in opposition to this increase in the nation’s diversity and civil rights, and also in part as an Extremist/Fundamentalist Party committed to an odd version of White U.S. Christianity. This process has continued toContinue reading ““Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”: The United States, U.S. Christianity, and Cinema”

A Close Encounter with Racism, 2014 edition

Tonight while having dinner at a local restaurant, I noticed a middle-aged Black man walk in. They didn’t have a host or hostess, so it was presumably (as different people seated those who came in) everyone’s responsibility to watch the door. After several minutes, no one had come to help him, so he walked aroundContinue reading “A Close Encounter with Racism, 2014 edition”

48 enslaved individuals work for me. How many work for you?

One of the biggest misconceptions we have here in the United States is that the practice of enslaving (Black) individuals ended with the Civil War. (In fact, it continued until the WWII era in the form of convict leasing, also known as neo-slavery) Additionally, people often don’t realize that the United States was far fromContinue reading “48 enslaved individuals work for me. How many work for you?”

Case Study: History, Myth, and Public Schools

The following is a review sheet with answers exactly as sent to the parents of 5th grade students by the social studies teacher at a school near where I live. My analysis and thoughts follow the three centered diamond icons. Be sure to see the last paragraph for my full analysis.  Unit 9 Test ReviewContinue reading “Case Study: History, Myth, and Public Schools”

The Nature of History and the History of History

Professional, university-trained historians are brand new in the scope of the planet’s history. Using the analogy of the entire Earth’s history in a day where humans arrive at 11:58:43 p.m., modern history would arrive at something like 11:59:59 p.m. For most of history, conceptions of history (see, we need different words in the English languageContinue reading “The Nature of History and the History of History”