Your Family BBQ Restaurant and Sexism

This image of two signs at an area restaurant captures so much of what characterizes our culture and arguably of what is wrong with our nation today. When I saw them tonight, I was immediately offended and surprised, and then I took a picture in anticipation of writing a blog about them.  These signs celebrate guns;Continue reading “Your Family BBQ Restaurant and Sexism”

9 Words That Need to be Abolished – Hidden Power of Words Series, #6

9 Words That Need to be Abolished because they are full of bias, judgment, and meaning about who or what is automatically “correct” and “normal” in some cases and in other cases “incorrect” and “abnormal” and because they do not recognize the socially and culturally constructed nature of ideas and history related to said words. 1.Continue reading “9 Words That Need to be Abolished – Hidden Power of Words Series, #6”

9 ways to be certain students will begin loving history.

1. Teach history, not prerequisites. 2. Be enthusiastic about teaching, history, and students. Be friendly and caring. 3. Make history relevant to today’s issues and concerns. 4. Instead of only lecturing (even in big classes) use a combination of interactive lessons, music and film clips, and in-class individual and group work. Also avoid simply repeatingContinue reading “9 ways to be certain students will begin loving history.”

9 ways to be certain students will continue hating history.

1. Pick boring, hard, thick, and expensive textbooks that neither you, nor your students have any intention of ever reading. 2. Never give students an opportunity to discuss their own feelings and opinions about course topics. 3. Teach from one and only one perspective and be sure to lecture at a rate of 200 wordsContinue reading “9 ways to be certain students will continue hating history.”

Experiencing Theatre: Houston’s The Classical Theatre Company’s Doctor Faustus

Yesterday provided a first experience of sorts: going to the theatre and both enjoying and appreciating the experience. I saw the final production of the Classical Theatre Company’s Doctor Faustus in Houston.  I’ve only been to the theatre a few times in my life, so far. Going to the theatre, ballet, or symphony were just not things we hadContinue reading “Experiencing Theatre: Houston’s The Classical Theatre Company’s Doctor Faustus”

Creative Writing: The Rivers

The Rivers See how it lifts You away, Triumphantly soaring, Rolling From afar. See how it mirrors Your morning sky, Magically knowing, Singing From above. See how it guides Your day, Secretly leaning, Training From around. See how it prophesizes Your way, Gently hoping, Providing From afar. See how it knows Their way, Gently weeping,Continue reading “Creative Writing: The Rivers”

Creating Writing: We Shall Have Your Future!: A Riddle

We Shall Have Your Future! A Riddle   We are…   The, gently–leisurely globe.  Uncrowned Monarch.   Annals repeating of Ancient times. Changing, Ceasing, … Creating History.   The World is, corrupting around Our necessity, too. Fantastically fond of fashioning fraudulency. Fraudulently full of fantastic fabrications; although not Art.  With Our restraint, riches,…supremacy.   ConsideringContinue reading “Creating Writing: We Shall Have Your Future!: A Riddle”

Creative Writing: “On not fitting in”

On not fitting in ♦ Occasionally, frustrated. A world from specks of dust. A culture right and superior. A society without perspective of pasts. ♦ Occasionally, see. A world of gentle people. A culture of divided people. A society pretending. ♦ Occasionally, find. A world communicating. A culture of barriers. A society untranslated. ♦ Occasionally,Continue reading “Creative Writing: “On not fitting in””