Don’t Listen to the Today Show; Women Do Not Need Surgery for “Bitchy Resting Face”

The War on Women, sadly, takes many forms.blog_womens-rights

On July 2, the Today morning show ran a five minute segment basically telling women they need plastic surgery to cure their “Bitchy Resting Face.” Directly below is a completely sarcastic summary of Today’s segment on this. I, of course, fully support full equality for women and think the segment is completely inappropriate.

Dr. Anthony Youn addresses women with a carved smile, saying, “bitchy resting face is a real phenomena”; however, women need not suffer forever. He is wearing his doctor’s outfit, so women know it must be true. He offers his skills as a plastic surgeon with only feelings of charity to fix women’s faces, so they will always be smiling and look pleasant. Otherwise men may have the impression that women might be serious or in charge of something. In other words, “bitchy resting face” can cause women to look sad, tired, mean, mad, serious, in charge, academic, as well as other unattractive emotions. The anchors avoid “bitchy resting face” with enormous halloween pumpkin smiles until the last few seconds when the effort to keep smiling becomes too much and they relapse back to “bitchy resting face.” Dr. Youn, another man set on saving women from themselves, then runs toward them with his crafting scalpel.

 Please watch the segment for yourself and continue below for my serious comments.

Word Cloud of Today's segment about women linked above Word Cloud made at

Word Cloud of Today’s segment about women
Word Cloud made at

Seriously. This. Is. Disgusting. 

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who is always smiling. Asking women to always smile is asking them to be subservient.

Today should be embarrassed. Sure they say the original video is a joke. Further, it does not matter that its author is female. It does not matter that the news anchors are female, too. It does not matter that society actually asks this of women.

In five minutes, one of the most offensive words to describe women (and stereotypical words to describe successful women) is used to describe women en masse 9 times. Look at how it stands out in the Word Cloud image. There is also a subtle message that women need a man. Plastic surgery or constant practice smiling are the only suggested “cures.” As if a “cure” is needed. As if male acceptance of women is basically out of the question.

Plastic surgery is certainly no joke. According to his website, Youn regularly makes appearances in the media. He performs plastic surgery primarily for women, as indicated by the “before and after” pictures. There is no discussion regarding the pain and recovery that go along with any surgery. He does not tell women: wait, stop, you’re beautiful already.

Watch the original “Bitchy Resting Face” video here. Even if it is truly a joke, it speaks to real issues, is offensive, constitutes sexual harassment, and sends dangerous messages. There are a few seconds of material where the “joke” is hinted at – where it is suggested the condition is real but people should accept you. The importance of acceptance is given about five seconds in Today’s segment. Today also omits the video’s (very brief) discussion of men with “asshole face.”

Joke or not, the original video is problematic, patronizing, and offensive. Today’s segment is even more problematic and offensive.

Captures the message of

Captures the message of “being yourself.”

To all the women and men out there: Embrace your “bitchy resting face” or your “asshole face,” live happily, and look and live as you wish.

You can bet President Hillary Clinton and many others will need her “bitchy resting face” to deal with the nation’s sexism.

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5 replies

  1. Often people have told me, “Oh, you look so tired. Are you tired?” “No,” I say. I probably have this. Ah, another SOMETHING to worry about. Note to self: Don’t forget to smile. Don’t forget to smile. Don’t forget to smile. Then again, maybe the next time someone comments like that I will just say something like, “Oh, I look tired? That’s funny. I was just thinking about our last interaction.”


  2. I have had men, mostly, tell me to “Smile!” I have told them that I smile where it really counts: On the inside.

    This beatdown on women to smile reeks of sexism, denigration, and defilement of a woman’s humanity. A woman cannot have a serious look on her face without some a–hole man or upholder of the patriarchy self-hating sexist (yes, women can be sexist too) woman bleating about said woman not smiling.

    Once I heard this loathsome demand one time too many, and I asked a man “When was the last time you told a man to ‘Smile’?”

    His response was dead silence.

    Perhaps because he knew better than to tell a man to smile.

    Love the t-shirt.

    Gotta get one of those.


    Oh, I forgot………………




  1.  “DANGER”: Comments about Black Men, White Women, and Science in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014) | Andrew Joseph Pegoda, A.B.D.

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