My First Blog Posting

Welcome to my blog. With this posting, I am finally becoming a blogger I suppose.

One of the more recent inspirations to start a blog came from an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education called, How Blogging Helped Me Write My Dissertation.” Now that I have finished my comprehensive examinations, I will be devoting most of my energy to researching and writing my dissertation.


I plan to use this blog to record my progress throughout the journey of a dissertation. I also see myself blogging about contemporary issues, new books, among other things. I think blogging is important because it is one way to regularly write for a broad, general audience, and it is an extremely unique and powerful way to exercise freedom of speech.

Not much else to say in this posting. I look forward to learning about the world of blogging. Please look for many more postings in the future. Also, please look around the rest of my website. As of today, I have only had this website a few days, so please give me time to post everything and learn how to build a webpage.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Welcome!

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  2. The birth of the Pegoda blog.

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    • Just read that article you mentioned. I’m not much of a writer like you are. I can’t say I enjoyed blogging all that much, but I can say for certain that I have benefited from it. I have learned quite a bit and it has helped me better put together my thoughts.

      I think you’ve told me before that your blog has provided a lot of different opportunities for yourself. I mean heck, it’s kinda how you got the ACC gig. Do you believe without this blog that you’d be in the same position you are today?

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    • Which article? I’ve mentioned so many! 🙂

      From your writing, you certainly do seem like a writer, Tim. Can you elaborate on why you don’t enjoy blogging? Could it be enjoyable if something changed? Without my blog, who knows really. It has done so much to create an online, public, and scholarly identity for me.

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