My First Blog Posting

Welcome to my blog. With this posting, I am finally becoming a blogger I suppose.

One of the more recent inspirations to start a blog came from an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education called, How Blogging Helped Me Write My Dissertation.” Now that I have finished my comprehensive examinations, I will be devoting most of my energy to researching and writing my dissertation.


I plan to use this blog to record my progress throughout the journey of a dissertation. I also see myself blogging about contemporary issues, new books, among other things. I think blogging is important because it is one way to regularly write for a broad, general audience, and it is an extremely unique and powerful way to exercise freedom of speech.

Not much else to say in this posting. I look forward to learning about the world of blogging. Please look for many more postings in the future. Also, please look around the rest of my website. As of today, I have only had this website a few days, so please give me time to post everything and learn how to build a webpage.

Thanks for reading.